Metal Magicians Steel is an established metal and industrial structural steel products supplier. We offer nationwide delivery services throughout the U.S. and guarantee the highest quality products and reliable services at low prices.  Our inventory includes Highway Guardrail, Industrial Steel Guardrails, Safety Bollards, Commercial Bike Racks, Aluminum and Steel Commercial Handrails

Metal Magicians Steel offers a market’s premier solution to protecting your facility’s most valuable assets – people and equipment. Stronger than the competitor’s our heavy-duty guardrails and safety bollards require no maintenance or painting, providing a cost-effective solution to avoid possible accidents as well as maintenance and labor fees moving forward.

As the strongest guardrail on the market, our product will keep your facility, warehouse or parking lot protected from everyday vehicle accidents. Unlike traditional-welded or bolt-down systems that require the rail to be replaced after an impact, our unique design can withstand multiple collisions from 12,000lbs. forklifts in all high traffic areas. Upon impact, Metal Magicians Steel's Industrial Guardrails  distribute the shock throughout the entire section, resulting in zero deflection to maximize floor space and limit damage as much as possible. 

Common Uses

  • Facility, machinery and critical asset protection
  • Protecting warehouse pallet racks
  • Parking lot protection
  • Electric vehicle charging station barriers
  • Safeguarding inventory

Sleeved in a durable HDPE plastic and available in both one line and two line options, our safety guardrails require virtually no maintenance or painting. This feature means you will be able to save money on both possible accidents and maintenance fees throughout the life of the product.

If aesthetics is important to you, our Heavy-Duty Guardrails are available in highly visible safety yellow, and gunmetal gray – a high end alternative to galvanized rail. Both of which will give your facility a clean, improved look.

Metal Magcians iNDUSTRIAL Guardrails


Available in custom heights and lengths, Metal Magicians' Guardrail and Goal Posts are the market’s premier option for protecting your facility’s most valuable assets and entry ways. Our guardrail is made from schedule 40 pipe and sleeved in HDPE plastic, giving it the ability to withstand multiple impacts from a 12,000lb forklift.

While the Goal Posts are made of 6” steel posts and 4” schedule 40 steel pipe cross bar, all of which is sleeved in our HDPE plastic, which brings strength and versatility to dock door and forklift entryway protection.





  • Our friendly customer service representatives are solution  providers with the knowledge and experience to assist you with ordering,  product specifications, made-to-order product guidance, regulatory  compliance advice and more.  We use state of the art equipment and  machinery to produce quality precision along with meeting project  specifications.  




  • Metal Magicians Welding & Fabrication's  professional staff are AWS and OSHA certified metal fabricators with  20-plus years of welding experience providing quality work with  attention to detail on every task including the ability to meet every custom application you may have.  




Made Of:

Pipe Post: 4″ diameter, schedule 80 pipe
Pipe Rails: 6″ schedule 40 pipe

Sleeved In:
High-Density Thermoplastic Polyethylene (HDPE) with ultra-violet and anti-static additives

Standard Colors:
Safety Yellow
Gunmetal Gray

One Line Stock Unit Sizes:
Overall Heights Available: 14 3/4”, 27”, 36” & 42”
Overall Lengths Available: 48”, 72”, 96”, 120” & 144”
Custom configurations area available upon request

Two Line Stock Unit Sizes:
Overall Heights Available: 27”, 36” & 42”
Overall Lengths Available: 48”, 72”, 96”, 120” & 144”
Custom configurations area available upon request

Installation Options:
Base Plate, Core-In, and Removable options are available

Base Plate Style:

Base Plate Size:
10” X 10” X 5/8” with (4) 15/16” anchor bolt sizes